Pace (ubiquity) wrote in fix_the_world,

progress update

Most of my fix-the-world work lately has been reading and adding content to the wiki.

After I finally finished reading A Brief History of Everything, I took a break to read Harry Potter, but now elphie has lent me 5 more interesting fix-the-world-type books, so those are next on my queue.

I've also been working on the wiki a lot. I recently created oodles of new pages:

Many of these pages were refined from earlier LJ posts on this community.

Are me, acheron_hades, wyndhover, and red_tanya the only ones who actually think that the wiki is useful? If so, do any of you guys have any suggestions for what else we should be doing, or what we could do to get more people involved?
Tags: not-yet-wikified
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