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long time, no words

And now, a lot of them! :)

If you haven't read 'Ishmael' and then 'The Story of B', (both by Daniel Quinn), I highly, highly, highly recommend them! They're amazing, and quite probably life-changing.

In that vein, Pace and Sera and I have just finished both of them. Through a little conversation on them, Pace and I noted that several things about our current fix-the-world plan, in our opinions, are shifting in priority. I'd like to spark some conversation on what others think about the current plan, as outlined here. Should we shift things around? Are there things there that really aren't necessary to fix, or things missing that are?

I'm very motivated and interested in what others think. If you have a few minutes and are in the mood (no obligation implied or otherwise), I'd love to hear from you. :)
Tags: fixing the world, rearranging priorites
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